Diwali Decoration Light

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Diwali Decoration Light

Decorate Your Home with These Elegant and Enchanting Diwali Lights


Diwali is a Hindu festival celebrated with great enthusiasm and spirit in India. The religious significance of this festival marks it as the most auspicious time of the year. The origin of the festival dates back to the time of Lord Ram. Lord Ram is believed to be the reincarnation of Krishna, God who commands this universe. Fables have it that Lord Ram was sentenced to an exile of 14 years. Accompanied by his brother and wife Lord Ram spent 14 years in exile executing demons and bringing peace on Earth. He also indulged in a great battle against Ravan, who kidnapped Lord Ram’s wife, and crushed him. When Lord Ram finished his tenure of exile he returned back to his kingdom.


Diwali marks Ram’s return to his kingdom. His followers and citizen celebrated his return by lighting up candles since it was a moon less night. In modern times Diwali symbolizes the triumph of good over bad and is celebrated by lighting up the night. Several rituals and customs are followed and the celebration lasts for 5 days. Several rituals and worships are carried out to please Lord Ganesha, the harbinger of fortune and Goddess Laxmi, the goddess of wealth and knowledge. Decorating houses with candles is a ritual followed since ages.


However, contemporarily not only candles but electric decorative lights are also used to light up the night. Various kinds of decorative lights are available in different colors and intensity of light. Decorative hanging lights are used to decorate the interior as well as the exteriors of houses. These lights are commonly referred to as Diwali lights. Over the years several electric and electronic Diwali lights have been innovated that not only looks beautiful when lit but also save energy. Diwali lights that are available for sale these days are also energy efficient and save a lot of precious energy.


Diwali lightscan be used in various ways to enhance the festive decoration. You can come up with your own innovative and creative decoration pattern or theme. We have compiled a list of decorative ideas for Diwali lights:


Classic Lighting:


Decorating the house with a single type of decorative light is a classic yet an elegant way to decorate the house. One of the several colors can be chosen to decorate the house with several small LED lights that are connected parallel in a row. This sort of light is generally called as rice grain light since the bulbs are small in size. Although the bulbs are small they emit bright light. These are the most basic Diwali lights.


Colorful Decoration:


There are now decorative lights available in different colors. Red, green, blue, yellow and white lights can be randomly hung outside the house or inside. The lights look beautiful together. A small house when decorated with a colorful pattern looks pretty and beautiful. Colorful decorations make for great Diwali Light.


Throw in Some ‘Diyas’:


‘Diya’ or ‘deepak’ is a small earthen vessel used as a candle. These earthen vessels are filled with oil and a cotton bud dipped in it is lit. A combination of electric lights and ‘diyas’ work great and the house so decorated not only looks beautiful but also different from the rest. These are uncommon Diwali Lights.


Electric ‘Diyas’:


Electric ‘diyas’ are nothing but electric bulbs that resemble ‘diyas’. They look beautiful as they emit more light than regular candles and ‘diyas’. One other advantage of it is that it never runs out of fuel like earthen ‘diyas’ which use oil as fuel.


Light Mesh:


These are networks of small light bulbs or LEDs that are uniformly laid to create a mesh of various sizes. They are easy to use since only one mesh can be used instead of several long light bulbs and LEDs. Light mesh can be used inside the house as well and these Diwali lights look great even indoors.


Paper Chandeliers:


These chandeliers do not last too long but are great for decoration. They are used to decorate the venue of worships and rituals. They are also used on doors. These colorful chandeliers are great pieces of art as well. They have a small or a large bulb depending upon the size and emit beautiful wavelengths of light. This decorative element increases the beauty of other Diwali lights.


Electronic Colorful Light:


These light fittings are of the size of a bulb and are electronically controlled. They project several beams of colorful lights and look great in a closed ambience. Electronic colorful lights are an innovative replacement for normal bulbs during festive season and make for a great Diwali light idea.


Diwali is a festival of prosperity and happiness; one must ensure the safety and wellbeing of oneself and one’s family member while putting lightings to use. It is highly recommended that people who decorate their home with electrical lightings and fittings should seal open wires with electrical tapes. This simple step mitigates the fear of electric shock to anyone in close vicinity of Diwali lights.


During Diwali people also enjoy fireworks and crackers. This is usually done in open areas such as terraces and parks. These locations are usually not well lit. Hence decorative light can be used on such places so that people are well aware of their surroundings since fireworks are dangerous. Decorative lights serve the purpose of a light source as well as they are great decorations.


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